Disagree with me if you like but I believe that anyone who writes is a writer.

You don’t need fancy training or amazing life experiences to write. We can write about normal stuff, work life and our daily experiences as well.

Blogging is an amazing way to communicate your ideas to the wider world and, let’s not forget that a well constructed blog can earn you some quick cash as well. In my day job with a leading web design agency in Aberdeen, I preach the benefits of blogging, adding content and growing a readership every day. Now, I’d like to share some of my wisdom with you.

Once you decide that you want to pursue a career in blogging the first thing you must do is select your niche. Preferably, pick a niche that interests you but, if its just cash you are after then a popular or profitable niche works just as well.

There are many platforms for blogging but, like most bloggers I know I prefer the WordPress platform. It can be downloaded, completely free of charge from wordpress.org or you can just head over to wordpress.com where you get your own domain name and require to pay for your hosting services.

Personally, I prefer the wordpress.org as it has more freedom.

More importantly you own your content byt using the self hosted version.

So, for example, you can use advertisements to or affiliate links to earn money. Also I believe that if you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, you need to buy your own domain name and hosting services. It makes you look more professional.

Setting up your own blog is not at all a tough task. It is just simple four step process.

Following are the 4 steps for setting up your own blog and getting your journey started in blogging:

Step 1: Do your homework prior launching the blog
I got motivated to write blogs after watching the series: “How to make a living blogging interview” and “blogpreneur”. Both of these series can be found on YouTube. In each episode, a celebrity blogger is interviewed and they share their tips of blogging. More importantly they prove that blogging in itself can be seen as a profession. They serve as a great motivation. I recommend watching the episodes of both these series prior working on your blog.

Also if you are not from a technical background, you can watch a video on setting up basic website or a blog on youtube. Believe me; it does not require much technical knowledge in modern times to build a website. Any common person with basic internet knowledge can develop it. You can still watch for yourself. This will boost your confidence.

Apart from that, also study your niche a bit and you must be in position to write at least 10 articles in coming month with ease after launching your blog. After this only, you should proceed for setting up your own blog.

Step 2: Buy a domain name
Domain name should be preferably small and related to your field of writing.
I have bought my domain name from Godaddy.com. It cost me less than 10$ to buy a domain name for 1 year. We spend that much amount daily on random items. I am sure we can manage this much cost to own our own domain name which is as much cool as it sounds. For starting, I recommend to buy domain for 1 year and see how it’s going. You can always renew your domain name.

You should be careful while selecting your domain name as it is not changeable. Also you should make all efforts to make your domain name a brand. You can use unique name and it would help you build a brand. Some bloggers like to choose generic names for better self marketing. Both are good techniques.
I prefer (.com) while buying domain name. Apart from Go daddy, Name cheap is also a good place to buy domain name.

Step 3: Buying hosting services
You need to buy hosting for your domain.
I recommend hostgator.com for that. Their live chat feature is very nice and they will answer any query that you have with extreme simplicity. If you want to use multiple domain in single hosting, use “Baby plan”. Once you sign up the plan, you will receive mail from them. Copy the name servers in the mail and paste them in place of server in your domain’s name in Go daddy. It cost me 70$ to buy the baby plan for a year’s hosting services. Note that I can add multiple domains under single hosting. So far I have been happy with hostgator service. In the coming articles, I would be discussing other functionalities of hostgator as well and how to use it more effectively.
Other famous hosting service providers are Bluehost, dream host, Dream host and Inmotion hosting. I have so far used only hostgator for all my blogs but I have heard only positive reviews of other providers.

Step 4: Launch wordpress
Thankfully, wordpress is free of charge. Go to control panel of your hostgator id. In control panel, navigate to software/services > Quick install > Install wordpress for free. Select your domain name, admin e-mail and blog title. You can then launch WordPress and start writing blog posts.
Every now and then, navigation is changed due to change in some structures by hostgator. In case of any confusion, use live chat functionality of hostgator. They are very good. For the first time, I was helped by live chat interacting person to install wordpress from start to end. They are very supportive that way.

Next Plan of action
In the next articles, we would be discussing the layouts and page developing in the newly created blog along with its menu structure. So with about 80$, few hours of homework and a couple of hours of setting up domain, hosting and wordpress, we are ready to write an article. By setting up your own blog, you have successfully started your blogging journey. Coming articles would also be covering tips and tricks and other things which will make you enjoy wordpress.