Does Cheap Mean More Expensive In The Long Run?

We all know the perils of buying items that are too cheap. They seem like a great bargain to begin with, but after a short period of time they start playing up and not working properly. It doesn’t always happen like this, but cheap items – no matter what category they fall into – are often not as long lasting as more expensive and better quality ones. The same applies to printers, as we all know here at Edinburgh Printing

Cheap ones can last a long time, but you do get more for your money if you are prepared to spend a bit more initially. This is where the idea of the all in one printer can really be of use. A basic printer with no other functions could well be cheaper than one which also gives you a scanner and a copier rolled into one. But does that make it a better buy?

Here is a challenge for you that illustrates the potential problem.

Let’s say you see an all in one printer advertised for £150. You have also seen a very basic printer without the scanner and copier aspects for £75. You don’t think you will need the scanner or the copier anyway, so you decide to save yourself £75 and buy the basic printer.

But there are two potential pitfalls here.

First you need to look at the cost of the inks that each model requires. Some are available much more cheaply than others. Obviously you need … Read the rest