I Tried to Buy a Cup of Coffee But No One Would Sell Me One

cup, mug, steaming-2619216.jpg

Now, I’ve never been a morning person so, I guess, that’s why I need coffee. It’s the only thing that gets me going in the morning, but without coffee, I’m hopeless. I tried to buy a cup of coffee but no one would sell me one. I can only assume that they were all out of coffee. Perhaps they hadn’t restocked yet. Or maybe there’s a coffee shortage and I just didn’t know about it. Either way, I left the coffee shop empty-handed and caffeine-deprived.

I wandered around town for a while, looking for another place to get coffee. But everywhere was closed. Everything was shuttered up tight. Maybe because it was Sunday? But that couldn’t be right because I could hear the sound of traffic on the streets. Plus, the sign in the window of the coffee shop said they were open today. So what was going on?

I finally gave up and went home, resigning myself to a day without coffee. That was when I saw the news headline: “Local Coffee Shop Closes Due To Lack Of Business.” Well, that explains it! The local coffee shop had closed down and nobody told me! Now I’ll never get my morning fix of caffeine. Looks like I’m off to buy a coffeemaker, maybe I should head on over to my favorite coffee blog

So, I guess, If you’re looking for a cup of coffee this morning, you’re out of luck—at least if you’re trying to buy one from your local coffee shop. The shop has closed down due to lack of business—which is probably due to the fact that no one ever goes there anymore! So if you’re in need of a caffeine fix, you’ll have to find some other place to get your fix or make your own at home. Sorry, folks!